Truth Matters

I often think about how our minds protect us.

The more I do, I realise that our brains apply filters on our recollections of our experiences, to suit what we “need” to see or hear.

Sometimes we overthink and overanalyse our life experiences, causing an incessant chatter in our heads. We make decisions based on what suits our situation, and not always on the truth that actually exists.

The more we agree on those thoughts, the more they are embedded. And those thoughts become the filters that protect us.

Which filters do you use? How have you used these filters to protect you? How does this mask the reality of what is actually going on?

Further to this, if you think about who the main characters in your Life Story are, which filters do you use to make it “OK”? You know what I mean: someone treats you badly, you give yourself a reason in your head to make it ok, to protect yourself, and then its “OK”.

Is it?

What is the truth? What is your truth? Are you able to peel back some of the layers of your filter, and face up to what needs to change? How will you manage that?

Let’s chat, we can work it out together.

– Sarah x